Who are Knight Classical?

We are a London-based artist management agency who also provide bespoke filming, video editing and website design services for classical music, arts and creative industries. Find out more about us and see our work here.

What kind of content can you provide?

Anything you need! From short social media content to long-form promotional and documentary style videos, or editing existing footage, you can use your allocation of days for any video content you need. To get an idea of our previous work, you can see some here.

What does it cost?

You can see the prices of our current plans on our pricing page.

How long will it take to receive the finished content?

This really depends on the particular project that is being worked on at the time, the bigger the project the longer it takes. We will discuss production and delivery times with you for each new video project.

Does my annual filming & editing allowance carry over to the next year if I don't use it all?

If you are on a multi-year contract, then any un-used allowance can roll-over for the duration of your contract. If you are on a one-year contract however, then that year’s allocation must be used during the contract term.

What if I don't know which content plan to choose?

Drop us a line to discuss your needs and we can suggest a plan for you based on this. You can also always start with the basic plan and upgrade at any time. We also offer a 15% discount on our standard day rates for any additional filming and editing days if you find you sometimes need more than your plan provides.

Why should I go for a 3-year plan?

As well as being able to roll-over any unused days, the price will be locked for the duration of any multi-year contracts. With one-year contracts the price is subject to change for future years. There is also a discount when you commit to long-term contracts.

What ongoing support do you offer?

We can act as an extended part of any organisation or marketing department and we are on hand to provide new ideas, advice, and support for you at any time.